The tag “Farm To Table” is now officially over processed for meaning “Locally Grown”.  

In the truest sense, Farm To Table means just that – food-stuffs directly from the farm to the restaurant with no middleman – no store or market or distributor. On the farm it describes the Farmer still brushing the dirt off a carrot freshly plucked from the earth. In a restaurant, it’s a scenario where the Chef knows the name of the farm, and often cases the Farmer intimately.


Carlyle Grill does know the name of our butcher and poultry farmers personally, they are local Ann Arbor and Dexter personalities. But we don’t have crates of vegetables or chicken in coops at our front entrance, and our menu doesn’t list out the pedigree of each entrée’s ingredient.  You don’t need visual gimmicks to know when you’re tasting freshly prepared dishes delivered with super friendly service.

We’re proud of the fact that our Chorizo sausage is regularly ground for us using a unique recipe, our burger is a proprietary mix of meats only known by our local butcher at Sparrow Market and ourselves, and our chickens aren’t long out of the coop before they’re in our kitchen. We just don’t shout it from the mountain tops or the nearest barn’s cupola.


We also take pride that we cook from scratch by hand everyday. Everything that you order is prepared fresh. Heat lamps and steam tables with premade food waiting to be slopped onto a plate or bowl isn’t a part of our recipe.

Each day we receive deliveries from our purveyors – dry goods, vegetables, meats, poultry & fishes – and each day at 8 am the preparation for that day’s meals begins.

Each day we measure out the exact amount of flour for our doughs.

Each day we peel many Idaho spuds for our creamy mashed potatoes.

Each day we come to work for you.

At Carlyle Grill, Neighborhood food is prepared for Neighborhood people and served in a Neighborly manner.