dairy jugs

dairy jugs

It’s not common to start with dessert but in this instance picture a Chocolate Chip Brownie & Blondie Sundae created with a luscious homemade brownie and blondie duo topped with vanilla ice cream, candied pecans and a drizzle of chocolate syrup from a locally sourced dairy.

Continuing our Locally Grown series, one may forget to recognize dairy.  Often we picture the local farmers’ market whereby you can purchase a variety of fruits, vegetables, bread & muffins and even some cheeses (yes, you are correct, that is a dairy product).  It may be rare though that you find a cooler or freezer onsite filled with a variety of milk and ice cream.

Perhaps when we discuss dairy products we should use the terminology Locally Sourced or Locally Made.  No matter the terminology, Carlyle Grill purchases milk and ice cream from a Made In Michigan company only twenty-five miles away: Guernsey Dairy Farm of Northville, MI.

Guernsey has been on the scene for over 75 years since the founder, John McGuire established the company in 1940.  Back then the philosophy was simple

“make and deliver good milk to his family and friends”

This simple philosophy has made Guernsey Farms Dairy one of the oldest family-owned dairy processors in Southeast Michigan.

Happy cows are not the only ingredient in finding a great locally sourced milk product, transforming the raw ingredient into a variety of products is why customers love Guernsey and will drive miles to purchase a gallon of milk, enjoy a tasty ice cream cone or savor a Detroit favorite: Boston Cooler.  Even some travelers from the state of Minnesota have learned how good a product Guernsey provides:

“This place is epic!!! I can’t wait for my next visit to the Detroit area so I can return for my chocolate milk and buttermilk fix…and for another awesome meal!!!” TripAdvisor Reviewer

The good news is you don’t have to travel the distance from Minnesota or even out to Northville to enjoy a cold glass of milk and dish of ice cream.  Carlyle Grill is right in your neighborhood.