Sparrow Market

Sparrow Market

Locally grown products don’t always come directly from the farm. Locally sourced from local markets help ensure freshness and support the local economy.

Sparrow Market, conveniently located in Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown Market and Shops, has provided top quality, grass-fed beef to the residents of Ann Arbor since 1983. That’s over two decades before Carlyle Grill opened their doors.

Sparrow Market’s thirty-plus years of butchering and providing local residents Grade A, USDA choice cuts of beef, veal, lamb, speciality sausages, Amish poultry and exotics birds was a simple choice when looking for a butcher to deliver selected cuts of meat for our menu such as our weekly Friday and Saturday Prime Rib specials or the daily French Dip sandwich.

Buying local is more than just convenient, it helps the economy and the environment. When purchasing locally, the money stays in our community. A late 2000’s research report indicates:

“That means those purchases are twice as efficient in terms of keeping the local economy alive…”

To quote a phrase from Horace Vandergelder at the end of “Hello Dolly”:

“Money, if you pardon the expression, is like manure.  It’s not worth a damn unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.”

Buying local doesn’t mean ‘buying cheap’. Large distributors can provide products in volume.  However, local distributors can address personal needs at a high quality of service. These smaller orders of quality products and higher service are worth the additional few cents.  Local distributors may also address a business’ needs with a quicker turnaround than waiting on a delivery from one of the larger food distributors like Sysco or Gordon Food Services.

Carlyle Grill’s relationship with local suppliers like Sparrow Market are an important part of our serving you as a neighborhood bar and grill.