Black Angus and Cowboys at Sunset

Serving produce, meats and cheeses that are locally grown is important. How they are raised is also paramount in the selection.

Experience Makes A Difference

Carlyle Grill sources it’s NY Strip, Sirloin, Ribeye, and Burger from Thunder Ridge Beef Company. Although not a Michigan based ranch, TRNatural provides meat from the agriculturally rich area of Southeast Iowa.  In this region, the local and independent farmers and ranchers have been raising livestock in a sustainable and responsible manner for generations.

Care Makes A Difference

TRNatural doesn’t use antibiotics or add artificial growth hormones, instead allows the Angus cattle to grow as nature intended.  The Angus beef is finished for up to 200 days on a corn based feeding program.  This natural programs eliminates the need for additional animal proteins.

Quality Control Makes A Difference

Rigid production standards are overseen by TRNatural’s quality control team where each cut is hand selected and they process no more than 15 heads per hour.  Their team ensures Halal integrity through strict procedures:

  • 100% dedicated Halal slaughter plant
  • 100% Zabiha hand slaughtered
  • 100% Muslim slaughter team
  • 100 Non-stunned highest level Halal only
  • 100% Third party supervision

Preparation Makes A Difference

Once the beef arrives at Carlyle Grill our dedicated Scratch Kitchen team of chefs and cooks works to prepare your meal. Whether you order Steak Frites, Pacific Ribeye, Classic Burger, Old Fashioned Burger, or our special London Burger (a blend of brisket, chuck, prime rib) you can be assured you’re being served a high quality, freshly prepared entreé.