Eat Local

Eat Local

Are you one of the 85% of hungry mobile users searching for a restaurant nearby? When you come into Carlyle Grill, you truly can Eat Local Eat Natural.

In our continuing series supporting our Michigan Partners we’re proud to discuss our local distributor for whole chickens: Eat Local Eat Natural of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Eat Local works exclusively with small family farms or businesses. Like you as our guests, they really get to know their farmers. Eat Local Eat Natural understands the methods that they use and the humane way that they treat their animals including the techniques of free range, pasture-raised and never giving antibiotics, hormones or fed animal by-products. They are proud to be able to state:

“We source certified organic or farms that use organic practices.”

Eating locally grown food products helps us keep local dollars circulating within the local community.

Preparing with locally grown food products ensures the food prepared in our scratch kitchen is fresh and high quality.

Using locally grown food isn’t anything new, it’s millennia old. Although we don’t have to cart our ingredients directly from the local farmer or rancher using a horse drawn wagon, thanks to modern modes of transportation, with many horse power, we can bring ‘local’ foods, still fresh from farm to table and many miles away.

Fresh ingredients, locally grown, and a scratch kitchen makes certain each dish prepared at Carlyle Grill is served with distinction.