Memorial Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already pulled out the barbecue, it’s certain to happen very soon.

From hot dogs to burgers, to steaks to poultry of many sorts including chicken, dove, quail and pheasant, to freshly caught fish from the Michigan Lakes to, yes even, tofu the American Grill is an icon of summer.

Whereas grilling use to be a necessity, a need for the early humans (1.9 million years ago) to kill off the bacteria which causes food poisoning and make food more digestible for the newly evolved smaller teeth, it has now become an art.

Thousands of people compete on the barbecue circuit for the elusive blue ribbon and cash prize. Killer Hogs ( site has compiled a list of over 550 such competitions nationwide.

But the real competition is in the kitchen and the backyard – mono-a-mono between the cook and the grill. Challenging oneself to ensure

  • the temperature of the charcoal is just right
  • the mixture of the mesquite and cherry chips provides that fitting smokey flavor
  • there’s just enough brown sugar for sweetness to offset the apple cider vinegar’s tartness in the bbq sauce

And let’s not forget the work done by our local butcher, a butcher like Bob at Sparrow Market (, who provides you the best cut of beef or poultry or fish for your specific occasion. Whether its

  • burgers and hotdogs for a casual backyard picnic
  • steaks to celebrate an anniversary or engagement
  • chicken for a Sunday afternoon brunch

all the team players have to come together to pull off a winning grilling season.  

The question is:

Are YOU ready to step up to the plate, don the uniform, put on that apron, grab the tongs, and light the fire toward placing greatness on your dinner table?

If not, step into Carlyle Grill, where our team is always ready to serve you and your family from our menu of local American Grill fare.