Butter Up

Butter Up

Double Play

It was April 7 that the Detroit Tigers played the Boston Red Sox in their home opener with a 6-5 win. But it was years ago that Carlyle Grill joined forces with Klein and Sons of St.Charles, MI to provide you the sweet savory honey butter served with our bread basket and on our cornbread.

Two great teams make for great play.

Farm Team

T.M. Klein and Sons started just over 40 years ago, as a beekeeping hobby. As our bee operation quickly grew, our need for containers also grew. We then became a Gamber Container distributor over 25 years ago. Our business continues to grow right along with our customers needs. We specialize in start up businesses and home industries, but also tend to larger operations. Over the years we have been recognized and awarded several small business awards.We currently employ roughly 20 employees, including three generations of family members, who are all looking forward to doing quality business with you!

Home Run

We’re but one of many restaurants who understand that using locally grown food helps to support farmers and growers in the area. It’s also an opportunity to achieve the freshest and most flavorful taste, while reducing interstate travel and the carbon footprint. In short, buying locally strengthens the community.

When you purchase products locally, you keep money and other resources close to home.  Buying food from your local farmers essentially helps build your community.  Supporting small scale producers also helps them to receive fair working conditions and pay for their employees and allows them to keep producing foods in a clean, safe way.