Scratch Kitchen

Scratch Kitchen

Just like mama used to make.

Well, for some of us at least.  For others it may be gran-mama but one thing we know is that at some point in history, your family’s dinner was prepared fresh from scratch and the ingredients were locally grown.

Let’s get a Bird’s-Eye on Del Monte

Locally grown and obtained fresh overshadows canned or frozen food. Eating locally grown can benefit your health, your food quality, your community and the environment. Carlyle Grill is using locally grown food from family farms, food co-ops and farmer’s markets for these reasons.

We’re but one of many restaurants who understand that using locally grown food helps to support farmers and growers in the area. It’s also an opportunity to achieve the freshest and most flavorful taste, while reducing interstate travel and the carbon footprint. In short, buying locally strengthens the community.

When you purchase products locally, you keep money and other resources close to home.  Buying food from your local farmers essentially helps build your community.  Supporting small scale producers also helps them to receive fair working conditions and pay for their employees and allows them to keep producing foods in a clean, safe way.

Fresher in bed

Locally grown produce is actually bed for freshness and taste. It’s fresher than imported foods and is typically more flavorful.  Most locally grown food is also organic. It’s cleaner since it is not mass produced and generally safer and healthier because they have not been exposed to hormones, pesticides, antibiotics or other harmful chemicals.

Why buy tomatoes from Florida when we can grow them here and reduce the carbon footprint caused by the transportation of imported goods? Imported foods also need to be packaged. This is yet another issue when facing how to properly dispose of the plastic wrap et al and not pollute our world any further.

Slow down and taste the freshness

Slow Food USA’s local chapter, Slow Food Huron Valley, works to strengthen the region’s food system, build community food security, and preserve our culinary heritage. Like Slow Food USA, the chapter seeks to create dramatic and lasting change in the food system. They inspire a transformation in food policy, production practices and market forces so that they ensure equity, sustainability and pleasure in the food we eat.

Overall restaurants, like us, that buy locally grown food are acting positively to promote and sustain our community’s future.

Below are a list of the Michigan farmers and producers with whom Carlyle Grill does business

Sparrow Market – Ann Arbor, MI

TR Natural – Byron Center, MI

Eat Local Eat Natural – Ann Arbor, MI

Farm Country Cheese House – Lakeview, MI

Grobbels – Detroit, MI

Guernsey Dairy Farm – Northville, MI

Mamma Mucci Pasta – Canton, MI

McClures Pickles – Detroit, MI

Michigan Turkey Producers – Grand Rapids, MI

Old Europe Cheese Co. – Benton Harbor, MI

R.W. Bakery – Norton Shores, MI

Smith Meat Packing Company – Port Huron, MI

Van Eerden – Grand Rapids, MI

Klein and Sons – St. Charles, MI

Hand Sown Farms – Manchester, MI

Tantre Farms – Chelsea, MI

Michigan Pure Maple Syrup – Traverse City, MI

Gielow – Lexington, MI

Traverse Bay Dried Fruits – Traverse City, MI