Comfort is the theme at this relaxed, friendly restaurant, where the menu runs to familiar, home-style dishes with top-notch regional ingredients. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, which is colorful and attractive, yet understated with mahogany accents, and large flagstone columns in the main dining room. During the warm seasons, take advantage of the two open air dining areas surrounding the restaurant. There is also a separate space for large reservations or private events. Relax and enjoy the Carlyle Grill dining experience.



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  1. Hi,
    Do you have place for a party of 10? If so I would like to refer weekly parties to your location, who should I speak to?

  2. Hi,

    We’ve been hearing that just a few bad customers are causing businesses in your industry to grind to a halt. A quick question: Have you seen any effect from bad reviews on your business?

    We have developed a few offerings that help solve and address these, so if you’d like to explore them; we can do that over email or phone. You just have to let me know.

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